We’re easy to do business with & we’d like to do business with you!
Live, On-line Loan & Deposit Service Delivery!
If building relationships & growing wallet share with Gen Ys is your goal,
eService is the answer.
Via webinar delivery and the use of intuitive, user-friendly ‘topic-based’ software,
FSRs can reach out to members to provide multiple loan & deposit applications.
Imagine a FSR being able to take a member through the options of a mortgage
renewal without the member coming to the branch - from home, office, cottage,
Personal:  Parties co-browse via phone & financial, topic-based software
Functional:  Calculate needs, answer questions, make decisions
eService is the natural evolution of internet banking and a major step forward
in providing member convenience - if your Gen Y members won’t come to you,
then eService lets you go to them!
Now’s the time to step forward and see if
eService is right for you and your members.